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As your local mutual insurance company in Welland, Bertie & Clinton will work as a team to provide quality insurance and service to all policyholders, while striving to keep our products priced as competitively as possible, with flexible payment options.

We are a purely "mutual" company owned by the policyholders, who receive an invitation to each annual meeting.

The board of directors is elected at these meetings and implement company policy throughout the year.

Your Local, Experienced Mutual Insurance Firm in Niagara

In 1880, Bertie and Willoughby Mutual was established. In 1898, Clinton Mutual Insurance Company was formed. These two companies operated independently until 1970 when they amalgamated to form Bertie & Clinton. There are still 44 other farm mutuals throughout Ontario that operate like Bertie & Clinton Mutual does. They are part of the same financial network that our company operates under.

Known for our expertise in providing farm insurance throughout Welland, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and surrounding areas, we have grown to include policies covering home, business, auto, boat and tenant insurance. And you can always count on our local service and the benefits of ownership.

In most cases your Bertie & Clinton sales representative will come out to rewrite your property policy on a three-year rotating cycle basis. This is the kind of traditional service that you can expect when insuring with our company. Your sales representative is part of your community and is always there to give you the best advice possible.

Loss Prevention Program

Part of the service we provide to our members is our Loss Prevention Program. We provide rebuilding cost recommendations on properties, as well as information on upgrades to woodstoves and home heating installations. When a new property is insured with Bertie & Clinton, we will have our Loss Prevention Officer contact the policyholder to arrange for a visit.

We feel we are adding value to our community by providing recommendations on these and other important safety issues. We still sell fire extinguishers at cost and we will also refill your fire extinguisher in most cases.

Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan

By the mid-50s, the amount of time and money involved in the transaction of insurance, and the request by our members for higher limits and more complicated coverage led the farm mutuals to form the Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan Inc. It commenced operations in 1959—the first Canadian-owned reinsurance company.

In the subsequent years, the FMRP, a mutual company itself that is wholly owned by the pure mutuals within its membership, and guided by directors elected from those mutuals, has developed into a highly sophisticated financial institution. Since 1959, through the protection provided by the FMRP, the policyholder-owned mutuals have been able to expand their product base to virtually any line of insurance required by mutual policyholders.

Farm Mutual Guarantee Fund

Again, through the theories of "strength in unity" and "neighbour helping neighbour", the mutuals entered an agreement whereby an open-ended fund was set up for the purpose of guaranteeing that all policyholders' outstanding claims and unearned premiums would be honoured in the event that any one of the mutuals could not honour its claims or outstanding policies. This fund is backed by each of the mutuals and the Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan Inc., thereby placing the surplus of all member mutuals behind any one.

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