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Farm Insurance in Welland for Livestock, Agricultural Products & More

As with any other business in Canada, farms require insurance coverage. However, it is a very unique business, and so it will require a very specific farm insurance policy. At Bertie & Clinton Mutual Insurance Company, we offer farm insurance to Welland farmers and farmers in the surrounding areas. Farm insurance policies can vary from farmer to farmer, depending on what needs to be covered. Farms offer a diverse array of investments and jobs, and we here at Bertie & Clinton can customize our farm insurance policies to fit your needs.

What Farm Insurance Can Cover

Like commercial insurance, farm insurance protects your many investments as well as provides liability coverage. With farm insurance, you can cover agricultural products, barns and other structures, machinery, equipment, tools, parts, produce, fertilizers and livestock.

Why Comprehensive Farm Insurance Is Important

Farming can be a risky venture. Farmers find themselves at the mercy of drought, disease and fluctuating markets. Farm insurance can help you control, reduce and prevent some of these unexpected farming risks.

Tips About Farm Insurance

When making big changes or additions to your property, be sure to notify us. Full disclosure of all the changed details will ensure that we are able to provide effective farm insurance. Looking to save money on your insurance? Increasing your deductible may help because you agree to pay a little bit more on a loss when you make a claim, which in turn will lower your premiums. Get in touch with Bertie & Clinton for more tips on farm insurance.

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