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Get Your Car Insured in Welland by the Experts at Bertie & Clinton

Bertie & Clinton is a mutual insurance company. This means that we provide insurance coverage to you directly. You, as a policyholder, may be eligible to receive refunds from surplus at the end of our fiscal year.

Turn to Bertie & Clinton Mutual Insurance Company for comprehensive auto insurance. Welland and the surrounding communities have depended on our company since 1880 and we have delivered professional service every time. We focus on the community, working with you, our neighbours, to find the right policy that works best for you and your family. Auto insurance is available for your van or truck in addition to your car.

Auto Insurance – Required By Ontario Law

In Ontario, it’s the law that vehicle owners, lessees, and drivers carry valid car insurance. Welland is no exception. If you are caught driving without insurance, you could have your driver’s license suspended, your vehicle impounded and/or be fined up to $5,000. Driving without insurance means you could be held responsible if you are found to be at fault for an accident that results in the injury or death of another person.

Where Can You Get Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance can be purchased through a licensed insurance broker, insurance agent or direct writer. An insurance broker sells insurance on behalf of several different insurance companies, finding you the best rate among those companies. Meanwhile, an insurance agent usually just represents one insurance company. Direct writers are a type of insurance company that sells you insurance products (home, auto, etc.) directly to you and other consumers.

At Bertie & Clinton, we are a mutual insurance company. This means that we will be providing insurance coverage to you directly and you, as a policyholder, will also be a shareholder eligible to receive dividends at the end of our fiscal year.

What’s in a Standard Auto Insurance Policy?

Since Ontario requires you to have insurance by law, you may opt for a standard policy. Auto insurance in Welland should include Third-Party Liability Coverage, Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage, Direct Compensation – Property Damage (DC-PD) Coverage and Uninsured Automobile Coverage. For more details on standard auto insurance policies, contact Bertie & Clinton.

What are Some Other Important Auto Coverages?

Some other important auto coverages to consider when insuring your vehicle include:

  • Collision
  • Fire and Theft
  • Accident Forgiveness

Accident Benefits

Effective June 1, 2016, the Ontario government has introduced changes to the automobile insurance system to help make insurance premiums more affordable. Many of these changes affect the Statutory Accident Benefits you receive if you are injured in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. The most significant changes are medical and 'Rehabilitation & Attendant Care' coverages. For more details about these changes, please contact your Bertie & Clinton Agent.

How Can You Get Discounts on Your Auto Insurance?

While auto insurance is a requirement, it doesn’t have to be an overly expensive one. Discounts are available to help you save on your premiums. Some discounts include, but are not limited to:

• Property Policy Discount –If you also insure your home or contents with us, you can receive this discount.

• Multi-Car– If you have more than one vehicle, you could get a multi-car discount if you insure them all with the same company.

• Long-Term Discount– Are you a long-term customer? A premium discount may be available to you. Having a policy with one insurance company for a long time may make you eligible for a long-term discount.

• Retiree Discount -If you are retired, you can qualify for this discount.

• Gen. Now Discount -If you're under 25 and your parents are insured with Bertie & Clinton, you can receive this discount.

• New Driver's Discount -New G and G2 licensed drivers, with a clean driving record, can receive this discount.

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