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Mission Statement
Dedicated to providing personal services and quality insurance to our community.

Vision Statement
Striving for continuous improvements in our ever-changing environment.

Bertie & Clinton provides a wide range of insurance coverages, including home, commercial, auto, and farm insurance at competitive prices, while still offering all the benefits of ownership and personalized, local service. We are very proud to serve our community and always strive to pay detailed attention to our customers’ needs. That’s because our clients are more than just customers — they’re our neighbours.

Insurance for Welland & Niagara Homeowners & Businesses
Bertie & Clinton are proud to offer insurance Welland and Niagara families have counted on since 1880. These include:

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Ontario’s 15% Automobile
Rate Reduction
In August 2013, the Ontario government announced its Auto Insurance Cost and Rate Reduction Strategy and committed to reducing auto insurance rates for Ontario drivers by 15% on average over the next two years. The strategy introduced legislative changes and asked insurers to re-file lower rates with the regulator, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO).

To be clear, Ontario drivers are not getting an across-the-board, automatic 15% rate reduction.

What the government has promised to do is reduce rates on average by 15% — across the whole Ontario auto insurance market — by August 2015. This is a two-part process, with an 8% average reduction to be accomplished by August 2014 and an additional 7% average reduction by August 2015.

Bertie & Clinton has already reduced rates by 14% overall since September of 2013. This is an average decrease overall and will vary depending on your situation.